About This Site


What is Aichi Prefecture「Program for Enhancing the Retention and Active Participation of International Students」?

There are many foreign students hoping to find a job in GIfu, but it is not easy for them because of Japan’s unique job hunting style and culturally different employment system. Furthermore, there are few opportunities to get to learn about the companies in GIfu. We enable students and employers to get to know each other, and provide the opportunity to participate in seminars and student internships.

  • ・ introduction leaflet of active former foreign student
  • ・ “Seminar on International Student Internship” for companies
  • ・ “international student internship” on summer 2019 in Gifu
  • ・ Seminar for foreign students
  • ・ Consultation window for companies and foreign students

This site provides opportunities for communication and understanding between foreign students in Gifu and companies in Gifu. We are providing these services to enable more global talent to work in Gifu.